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Company Profile & History

About Us

Company Profile & History

What are the benefits of utilising our services?

MSI Taylor has many years accounting and consulting experience with a top-notch team of advisors. Through better understanding our client needs, we can deliver services that consider the “big picture”. Every business will pass through a cycle of events during their existence from growth, expansion to the retirement of founders and sale of the business. We have the expertise and knowledge to advise, guide and assist through each and every stage.

Working with us will assist you in :


Overcoming the obstacles that are hindering your pathway to success

Our wealth of knowledge and experience ensures our team can quickly identify potential obstacles and give you practical, relevant and workable advice needed to achieve a positive result.


Maximising your return on investment

Our goal is to provide you with the best advice to ensure your investment in our services is repaid many times over and achieves your desired outcome.


Tailored to suit your budget

What ever your needs, we offer a flexible structure for investment with us. From billing by the hour, to upfront pricing agreements, to monthly installments, we will tailor to suit your preferred budgeting structure.


Saving as much tax legally possible

Our team at MSI Taylor is here to help you get every dollar back from the taxman that we can. Whilst ensuring the appropriate structures are in place to give you peace of mind to sleep well at night.

What type of clients do we typically work with?

Our clients range in size from small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to major corporates. Although the majority of our work is with profit-driven businesses, it also counts professionals, schools, community organisations, clubs and not-for-profit bodies among its clientele.

Company History

MSI Taylor was founded in 1972. Over the years, various Partners joined and today MSI Taylor consists of 7 partners and over 50 staff. We provide a full suite of solutions to small to medium enterprises including Finance, Audit, Self Managed Super Fund and most recently R&D Tax Incentives and Government Grants divisions.
Originally known as Taylor & Company after partner Allan Taylor, in 1992 we joined the MSI Global Alliance, an association of over 250 medium sized legal and accounting firms in more than 100 countries around the world, and changed our name to MSI Taylor.


What does MSI stand for?

Originally MacIntyre & Co, Chartered Accountants from the UK, identified the need for a truly international capability in both accounting and legal disciplines.  In 1990 they formed MacIntyre Strater International in conjunction with Abels Strater and Partners of Germany.  It has since grown to become an international organisation and MacIntyre Strater International is known today as MSI Global Alliance. For more information on MSI Global Alliance click here.