It’s that time of year again – tax planning season! As a business owner, tax planning is a crucial part of managing your finances and preparing for the upcoming year. 

Tax planning refers to the process of evaluating your financial situation and implementing strategies to minimise your tax liability. It involves analysing your income, deductions, investments, and other financial transactions to determine the most advantageous tax strategies for your individual or business situation. 

By engaging in tax planning, individuals and businesses can avoid surprises come tax time and maximise their financial resources.

Tax planning season largely occurs in the last quarter of the financial year, which is the April – June period.  

Below, MSI Taylor will discuss 5 crucial factors to evaluate during tax planning season for the upcoming year. 


1 – Business Structure

  • The first factor to consider during tax planning is your business structure. Depending on your business’s size, revenue, and industry, there may be advantages to restructuring your business. MSI Taylor can evaluate your business and help you determine the best structure for your tax situation.


2 – Deductions

  • Maximising deductions is a crucial part of tax planning for any business. Deductions reduce your taxable income, meaning you pay less in taxes. Some common deductions for businesses include rent, utilities, equipment, and office supplies. It’s important to keep detailed records and receipts for all deductible expenses to ensure accurate reporting. MSI Taylor can help you identify all of your deductible expenses and ensure that they are properly reported on your tax return.


3 – Retirement Planning

  • Retirement planning is an often-overlooked factor in tax planning, but it’s a crucial one. Contributing to a retirement plan is a great way to plan for your future and secure your financial wellbeing. You may be able to claim a tax deduction on personal super contributions. MSI Taylor can help you evaluate your retirement options and determine the best plan for your financial goals.


4 – Estimated Tax Payments

  • For businesses, estimated tax payments are required throughout the year to avoid penalties and interest. It’s important to evaluate your estimated tax payments during tax planning to ensure that you are making accurate payments and avoiding any surprises come tax time. MSI Taylor can help you determine your estimated tax liability and ensure that your payments are properly scheduled and made on time.


5 – Tax Law Changes

  • Tax laws are constantly changing, and it’s important to stay up to date on the latest changes to ensure compliance and maximise tax savings. MSI Taylor can help you navigate these changes and ensure that your tax planning strategies are up to date and in compliance with current tax laws.


Tax planning is a crucial part of managing your business finances and preparing for the upcoming year. 

Evaluating factors such as business structure, deductions, retirement planning, estimated tax payments, and tax law changes can help you maximise tax savings and ensure compliance with current tax laws. 

With the help of an experienced tax accountant from MSI Taylor, you can rest assured that your tax planning is in good hands.

Don’t wait – chat to MSI Taylor Accountants and Advisors today to start planning for a successful tax year ahead!