Do you have a good income but find it hard to save money? Are you struggling to get on top of your finances?

MSI Taylor is pleased to introduce a great new app to help you achieve your financial goals while still doing the things you enjoy.  By using TrackMyWealth to monitor your finances and keep all of your important documents in one place, you can keep your savings on track without compromising your lifestyle. You can’t manage what you don’t measure and TrackMyWealth enables you to easily monitor all of your financial life including bank accounts, loans, credit cards, insurance, superannuation and shares.

Why we think you’ll love it:

  • All of your accounts in one place, such as bank accounts, credit cards, home and investment loans, etc.
  • Access real time data feeds including real estate valuations, investments and superannuation.
  • Better manage your cashflow with auto-categorisation of income and expenses making budgets a breeze.
  • Make tax time easier with the ability to tag transactions for tax and save your receipts and documentation in one location.

What’s more, you can even call in the experts by giving guest access to your accountant, property manager and/or financial planner. You decide who has access and what they can view.

If you want to build your wealth by purchasing property, our property tools can help you out by showing you how much equity you have, making it easy to get a free property appraisal from a local property expert and helping you track your progress towards saving for a deposit.

You can also get a free wealth check with a summary of everything you own and owe as well as see your future wealth projections, review your financial priorities and receive an action plan to help you achieve your goals. At the end of each calendar month, you will also receive a ‘wealth snapshot’ so that you can easily see how you’re tracking.

Budgets become much easier as they are instantly created around what you spend. Set your own limits on different categories of spending and receive notifications to help you stay on track.

See how it works by watching this short video.

Track My Wealth – personal wealth portal on Vimeo.

or contact us for a demo.