Dealing with bills and invoices is a time-consuming but necessary process that distracts business owners from focusing on running their business. So why not automate the process? We’ve taken a look at Entryless, an app that integrates with Xero and Quickbooks, and is free for users with up to 300 invoices/month.
So, what is Entryless? It’s an online accounts payable solution which reduces the time and effort required to process bills. It not only saves time on manually processing invoices, it reduces the chances of errors as invoices are loaded directly into your accounting system.


Key Features:
• Dedicated email address means you can direct all of your supplier invoices to Entryless and let technology read the invoices and push them directly into your accounting system.
• Simply review your invoices online before approving them.
• The app can read bills in any format including PDFs, JPGs and PNGs.
• Automatically updates your General Ledger as bills are submitted, so all you need to do is check and approve.
• As it’s cloud-based, you can check and approve invoices on the go.


While we haven’t had much of a play with Entryless, we see it as a much cheaper option than some of the alternatives such as ReceiptBankInvitbox or Shoeboxed. Entryless isn’t as feature rich as some of the other players in the market but, for time-poor small business owners and sole-traders, we think it does what it needs to do and, best of all, it’s free.