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Accounting & Tax


Each year all businesses, regardless of size, must prepare financial statements and lodge income tax returns. At MSI Taylor, we understand that current, reliable accounts are critical to running a successful business. Simply gathering the information in a few hectic days prior to 30 June is no longer sufficient. Quarterly financial statements aligned with quarterly business activity statements (BAS) lodgements, allows us to monitor how your business is progressing throughout the year. It also allows you to foresee any changes necessary to improve business profitability as well as ‘smoothing out’ tax obligations.

Other areas we can assist in


With the ever-changing horizons concerning tax and other legislation, it is vital businesses operate through the most effective business and investment structure.

We can assist with

Business Re-Structuring & Analysis

Change is imperative as a business moves through different stages. Our specialist team works with you through these various phases of the business lifecycle. Reviewing your business structure to ensure it is optimal for your circumstances is an important part of this process. Some things to consider are taxation, both state and federal, liability issues and future business plans.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning is one of the key services we can provide. A crucial but often overlooked strategy that, if well executed within the boundaries of the current legislation, can mean the difference between meeting your tax obligations and being totally unprepared, scrambling for funds to pay an unexpected tax debt. Having a strategy in place requires specialised knowledge of taxation legislation, the ability to formulate action plans, and the skills to provide advice in clear terms which will enable you to make a decision.