As another year unfolds, it’s crucial for individuals and businesses alike to reassess their financial strategies, especially in terms of tax planning. Proper tax planning can significantly impact your bottom line, whether you’re an individual taxpayer or a business owner. It not only ensures compliance with regulatory requirements but also presents opportunities to minimise tax liabilities and maximise returns.

With the right approach, you can avoid surprises come tax time and maximise financial resources. In this article, MSI Taylor has some key considerations to keep in mind for the coming year.


1 – Stay Informed About Tax Law Changes: Tax laws are subject to frequent changes and updates. It’s crucial for individuals and businesses to stay informed about these changes to adapt their tax planning strategies accordingly. Changes may include adjustments to tax rates, thresholds for deductions and credits, and compliance requirements. 

2 – Maximise Deductions and Tax Offsets: One of the fundamental aspects of tax planning is maximise deductions and tax offsets. Individuals can claim deductions for various expenses such as work-related expenses, self-education costs, charitable donations, and investment-related expenses. Similarly, businesses can capitalise on deductions for expenses incurred in the course of running their operations. Additionally, exploring available tax offsets, such as the low and middle-income tax offset or small business tax offset, can further reduce tax liabilities.

3 – Superannuation: Superannuation remains a cornerstone of retirement planning, offering significant tax advantages. Individuals can make voluntary contributions to their superannuation funds, either concessional (pre-tax) or non-concessional (after-tax), to bolster their retirement savings while potentially reducing their taxable income.

4 – Consider Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Planning: Capital Gains Tax is applicable to the disposal of capital assets, such as property, shares, or investments, that have appreciated in value. Strategic planning can help mitigate CGT liabilities, whether through timing asset disposals, utilising CGT concessions, or structuring transactions tax-efficiently. MSI Taylor are able to help clients make informed decisions regarding asset management and tax implications.

5 – Small Business Tax Concessions: Eligible small businesses are entitled to various tax concessions aimed at supporting their growth and sustainability. These concessions encompass measures such as simplified depreciation rules, immediate asset write-offs, and lower company tax rates for eligible small businesses. By leveraging these concessions effectively, small business owners can optimise their tax positions and reinvest savings into business expansion.

6 – Stay Compliant With Tax Reporting Obligations: Compliance with tax reporting obligations is paramount to avoid penalties from regulatory authorities. Individuals and businesses must maintain accurate records, lodge tax returns on time, and disclose all relevant income and deductions. MSI Taylor offers comprehensive tax compliance services to ensure clients fulfil their reporting obligations accurately and efficiently.

7 – Seek Professional Guidance: Tax planning can be complex, and the consequences of inadequate planning can be costly. Seeking professional guidance from experienced tax advisors is invaluable in navigating the intricacies of the tax system and optimising financial outcomes. MSI Taylor provides tax advice and strategies tailored to each client’s unique circumstances, helping them achieve their financial goals.


Proactive tax planning is essential for individuals and businesses alike to navigate the tax landscape effectively. By staying informed, maximising deductions and offsets, leveraging superannuation and small business concessions, and ensuring compliance with reporting obligations, taxpayers can optimise their tax positions and secure their financial futures. 

At MSI Taylor, we are committed to providing comprehensive tax planning solutions tailored to our clients needs, as well as helping them get the right structure and meet their obligations. 

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